Young Cranky EP

by Warren Peace

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'Voted Most Likely To Be Despised By Every Single One Of His Peers," Warren Peace Returns On This Four-Song EP To Prove His Worth In The Hip-Hop Scene.


released December 21, 2012

All Words And Rhymes by Warren Peace
Mad Beat by Nikolai Gawin
Mixing by Nikolai Gawin & Warren Peace
Album Art by KDNY PNCH! Artwork



all rights reserved


Piss Cough Records Newport, Arkansas

An independent label started by Ross Gnarly to release albums in which he had been involved. This label does not take to one specific genre. Here you will find drone, grindcore, hip-hop, acoustic comedic rock, noise and more. Enjoy.

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Track Name: U Madd Charlie?
My lines are so exhausting
The shit I spit is haunting
I'm tripping on a major deal
My skills are up for taunting
I can't be contained
I'm hulking the fuck out
Monstrous integrity
Spouting from my snout
I'm an anarchist
the antichrist
And straight up I'm a fiend
You got a better chance
Taking on Butter Bean
Never will I stop and shop
I'm more into drive buy
I could tell you everything
That is wrong with all of you guys
But I ain't got the time
Nah I'm just in this for the fun of it
I know by the end of this
You pussies will not give a shit
I'm a liar, a filthy pig
Snap you like a fucking twig
If you want to get like me
You better be down to take a swig
That wasn't a gay joke
You are just a gay bloke
Now suck on that fat cock
And get your name lined out in coke
Who the fuck are you
Charlie Fucking Sheen
You couldn't win this game
If it was solitaire between
You yourself and no one else
You stupid fucking crook
Now take a step back
And take a fucking look
You see me and I see you
Hating like the haters do
If you wanna hit me up
Just know that what I say is true
I'm the real just like Iron Sheik
Ballin' like a homeless man
I'll pull a Levee Aaron
And I'll leave you in a garbage can
Track Name: Young Cranky
I'm Crushing without remorse
With my Aggressive use of force
Jedi out the womb
To the tomb
Just let me I run my course
You can't stop my mean attack
Stab you in the fucking back
Drop you to the fucking ground
And bury you up to ya neck
Yeah I be on that mad shit
Evil just like Johann Schmidt
Tripple Sicks Madd Wicked Clique
Worship me me or eat a dick
I may be hard to listen to
this I undersyand
soem can't comprehend
a mad-ass namekian
super beam cannon sprayed across ya dome
need a loan
man I'm grown
Just leave me alone
I am from the future
I am the son of Bishop
Put you hands up in the air
because this is a stick up
What'd you think was going on
When I brought you to the lair
When it's time to talk or walk
Snatch ya lunch like Yogi Bear
I'mma burn ya world down
And spit down on the ashes
I survived the Leng T'che
And all one thousand lashes
I will have you running scared
So you better be prepared
When Uncle Warren comes for you
Your sanity can't be repaired
Willy nilly goes the knife
as it's scrapin across ya chest
you came in with the big dawgs
and then you flunked the test
you ain't done a god damn thing
to tidy up the mess you made
fucking up the scene for me
just shows that you are fucking gay
Now it's time to end this shit
I'll be fucking up your world
It's the eve of Young Cranky
you be screamin like a girl
Track Name: Tripple Sixes Madd Wicked
Yo it's official
You gonna bite my pistol
Choking on a bullet because
This is your dismissal
I don't fucking need you
I just want to bleed you
Beat you with your spinal cord
Bitch I can't believe you
Chew you up like jabba hutt
Spit on you just like a slut
I'm the first string quarterback
You won't even make the cut
Tell ya mom that I said hi
Then Punch her in the eye
Kill your little sister
Push your brother down
like Randy Blythe
Worship satan everyday
Let the Christians here you say
Fuck Westboro baptist church
You know all those fucks are gay
Self contained underwater
Breathing apparatus
Can I just say one thing
Fuck Jeff gattis
Yo satanic Erryn boe
Rappin here just so ya know
Warren Peace, that fucking beast
Crunching down on haters dough
I'm crafty like a beastie boy
Naughty like a Pixar toy
It's Christmas time
Fuck you and all of your joy
I don't have the time for this
Man I need to take a piss
All over the side walk
Man who is left to diss
It's adventure time, bitches
Time to wreck shop
1997 to 11
saying fuck the cops
Body count
Rising higher
Every single day
Murkin lames taking names
And I'm Throwing hooks like Dr. J
Tripple sixes
Madd Wicked
Track Name: 666detoX
I come straight up off the blocK
with a lemon in a sock
stocked to knock you in your rock
Leaving you in shock
I can't get down
to your level
I am NC17
I'm fucking up ya eardrums
With my death defying scheme
I'm mephistopheles
you best believe
Wolfjacked bitch,
Yo fake bullshit
now I'm gonna leave
I'm cranky on my better days
rolling on whatever pays
Fuck Ja Rule and 50 Cent
Assfucking in the fucking hay
I'm so filthy
I'm a beast
My phasers set to stun
Roll on your street
Like freddy, peep
Now you better run
I'm a psychopathic
Setting fire to reebox
I'm tired of all this
fake bullshit
Now where the fuck is Detox?

who the fuck you think you are
trying to pick apart the champ
control alt delete man
rebuild and revamp
thats the way that I create
the way that I complete
all these mad ass rhymes
that devour
they eat up every single line
like they rote it for themself
I'm too krunk for the game
so I put it on the shelf
No V for Vendetta
but a W for wizard
I spit that merlin shit
straight forth from my gizzard
been around the world
nah, i'm kidding
I ain't done shit
talkin mad smack smokin crack
i ain't no dumbshit
I don't touch drugs
no drink just chillin
and if I'm in the mood
I'll find Kanye and I'll kill him
Fuck your mother
fuck ya wife and Fuck ya fucking dog
I'mma watch Penn & Teller
and drink egg nog